PrestaShop vs Magento

Magento is a perfect platform solution and choice for creating complicated product structures and also incase of bigger development process and pre- planned structure changes where the project team reaches 6 and more persons.Administration overall is more complicated thus allowing better task management in case of a larger team.

PrestaShop is a good choice handling regular products, with classical checkout process and product management. It can handle reasonable amount of custom development. The administration panel is more intuitive than Magento’s and easier to use for a regular / everyday user.

E-shop for a new business

Simpler and  template based e-shop can be representative and emblematic of the company as well.

A template-based store can be made look unique by changing elements (buttons, background, text-fonts) or removing/adding  blocks. Still be sure that making store with pre-made  plate, must be ready for minor errors that come with downloaded templates and modules. In our offers we have taken into account the additional work of repairing the modules/templates no additional invoice for this will be sent.

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E-shops with custom design and solution

The e-shops with the best outcome will be the ones that starts with analysis. This section also includes sophisticated B2B solutions and  company’s internal web-based working environments

For the clients with higher needs, we will start the project with meetings  where we will talk and think through most of the aspects to find the most suitable solutions for you.

Project also includes custom made design and client-spesific functions. However, the great advantage of our e-commerce software is that additional modules can always be developed later which means we can develop always based on the real need.

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Interfaced with ERP software

System automation greatly reduces the time spent managing manual operations. It also decreases the number of random errors

Today, we have created several pre-existing modules with basic functionality for Erply, Directo, Xero, etc. ERP software. For larger and more sophisticated desires, we develop the more complex interface to meet the needs of each customer.

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Extra modules and minor developments

Ready to use modules for PrestaShop e-shop can be bought and downloaded at Our modules store!

Banklinks (SEB, SWED, LHV, Nordea, Krediidipank)

Other payment modules (Maksekeskus, acdepting credit cards)

Postpay calculators

Carriers (SmartPost, SmartPost Finland, Omniva parcel terminal, DPD parcel terminal)

ERP modules (SmartAccounts, Directo, Erply, Xero)

Affiliate (Lyoness)

Other functionalities

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SEO setup and Google analytics

The main purpose of these two activities is to direct more people into the e-shop and bring your visitors and their activities closer to our goals.

SEO includes both the use of keyword metrics as well as general page optimization for major search engines.

By using analytics, we follow people’s journey to/in the store. We find out which pages are more attractive and which buttons people click on. We can set  the right goals and, by constantly developing e-shop, make our visitors more and more targeted at these goals

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Banners, animations and campaigns

The expectation of today’s customer is to find campaign offers from time to time. We can help you to set up various campaign offers and also design eye-catching adverts

We offer the following services:

Banners designing

Creating animations

Product photography

Filming and assembling ads

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Software upgrades or switch

For each and every time, a new software version will be released on all platforms. Perhaps the version updates are non-existent, the differences between versions are occasionally greater.

Also, the needs of merchants and their customers will change. Sometimes it is worth considering software exchange.

We have compiled a small summary of the most popular e-store software which can be found here E-shop platforms

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Maintenance and support

The purpose of maintenance and administration service is to give the merchant confidence in the functioning of the e-shop, which is guaranteed through a firm partnering  and agreed conditions.

This is a monthly service. The service price depends on the type of store (multi store / single store), the size and number of interfaces, etc.

Feel free to ask a personalized offer!

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