PrestaShop vs Magento

Magento is a perfect platform solution and choice for creating complicated product structures and also incase of bigger development process and pre- planned structure changes where the project team reaches 6 and more persons.Administration overall is more complicated thus allowing better task management in case of a larger team.

PrestaShop is a good choice handling regular products, with classical checkout process and product management. It can handle reasonable amount of custom development. The administration panel is more intuitive than Magento’s and easier to use for a regular / everyday user.

Solutions and making an e-shop

Making an e-shop is not just programming. In order to create a functioning e-store, the goal must be oriented from the analysis to the finalized marketing of the store. Our main advantage over other e-store solution providers is the experience of e-shops with different sizes and target groups.  Areas where we can help you are business analysis, technical analysis, project management, design, purely technical solutions, marketing, and e-shop optimization.

Making an e-shop

E-shop can be made by using ready-made solutions. The other way of making e-shop is mapping user’s routes and building a design and solution based on UX analysis.

Regardless of your budget, we ask you to answer some simple questions. If there are no answers to all questions, we will find them together.

What are the goals of the new e-channel?

Who are your main customers?

What will be Your e-store marketing?

How big is your initial investment?

How much of your work time are you ready to contribute to the running of your new e-shop?

How much do you plan to invest in channel development and marketing later?

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Steps to create e-store

Depending on the goals  and size of the investment, the focus on different stages will be different.


Describing goals and expectations


User-friendliness analysis, design and platform selection


Setup and programming work


Improvements and supplemental developments for a running e-store

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