PrestaShop vs Magento

Magento hea valik keerukate tootestruktuuride korral, samuti juhul kui plaanitav kohandamine ja arendustöö on suuremahuline (6 inimkuud või enam) ning arendusmeeskond on suur. Administreerimiskeskkond on keerulisem ja võimaldab tööülesandeid paremini jagada suurel administreerimismeeskonnal.

PrestaShop on hea valik, kui tegemist on tavatoodete müügiga, klassikalise ostu-ja tootehaldusprotsessi korral ning mõistliku suurusega erilahendusi luues. PrestaShop’ administreerimisliidese kasutamine on intuitiivsem ja tavakasutajale lihtsamini arusaadav.

Intelligent e-shop solutions at a reasonable price!

E-pood väikefirmale
Startup business

For a start up smaller business, we recommend a solution based on a pre-made template. It’s possible to get a modest budget store, which, however, is reasonably well designed and adapted to the style of a merchant.

Additional developments and interfaces

Integrating e-store system with cash and inventory software helps in bone accounting and order management. In summary, the automated system helps to save a significant amount of valuable time for a merchant.

Complex systems and custom software

For our larger and more informed customers, we are partnering in helping them, from business analysis to dedicated solutions. We also make other custom web-based solutions.


Responsive or scalable design for better usability in computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Interface with cash and warehouse software. Modules for special functions.


SmartPost, Post24, DPD parcel terminals. In addition ordinary carriers which can be set up in all countries

Easy administration

A common administrative environment, even if the merchant has several e-shops at once


Banklinks and acceptance of credit card payments. In addition, we offer Maksekeskus and PayPal.


Sitemap settings, meta fields, URL modification - all to make it easier to be find and sell products online.

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